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I found it best to stay at 4 Different locations and be upgraded to Elite Black Membership. It works if you are near 4 hotels or plan to be in the coming months. MEMBER BENEFITS Allow us to show you how delightfully simple it is to progress quickly through the Membership ranks of the Warwick Journeys guest recognition programme. After your second stay, you will be promoted to Purple. Advance yourself to Gold after your fourth qualified stay. 16 or more stays result in your elevation to our elite Black Membership. If you prefer the fast track, you can accelerate straight to Gold membership by staying at two different participating hotels. Or aim right to the top to our elite Black Membership by staying at four different hotels. The journey couldn’t be more enjoyable. Or more rewarding. Reach the next Membership level and you’ll immediately be welcomed with a new selection of perks, privileges, and upgrades. This makes a very easy route to Black in a very short period of time. I love to fine short cuts to top levels because once you have worked for months or years to obtain an elite level, some credit card comes and gives people all you have worked for in 4 to 10 nights or stays. Sammysaid Thats not good... Check Out: